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By Me’Lyea Burton/LifeAtStart.com reporter

Have you ever thought of what would happen if you turned one of your hobbies into a career? Why not get paid for doing what you love, right?

Growing up, I used writing for everything. I vented, I reminded myself of tasks, I wrote just because I loved it. I often thought of becoming a writer, but then I realized I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Writing was something I used to escape from everything that was going on around me. When it became required for me to write, and a certain time to do so, I found myself losing interest in my craft. That’s when I realized hobbies should stay hobbies. Hobbies are things you use in your free time to relax or get away from the stress of your tasks. If my hobby then became one of my tasks, what would I do?

It’s important to do something you love, but I feel as if having a hobby you love is equally significant. It would be wonderful to have a balance between your salary and the enjoyment of your career, but it’s not likely. You need hobbies to bask in relaxation and let your hair down.

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