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Joji- i dont wanna waste my time Song Review

By Joseph Rowan/LifeAtStart.com reporter

After signing with 88Rising, an Asian Hip-hop label, Joji has released his first single ‘i dont wanna waste my time’. In this new release Joji sings about someone who is cheating on their girlfriend, and this person doesn’t know if they should keep going on with this affair.

The song is Lo-Fi and slightly distorted sounding like all of his other songs, but this one has a different feeling to it. Joji’s voice is more clear and he isn’t singing high pitched. This really captures how he feels towards the situation he is in.

I like the sound of the song and it definitely is something I will listen to for a while, if I had to rate it I would give it a 9.7/10. If you have a different opinion let me know over email joerow018@gmail.com


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