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What we may be eating in 2050


By John Irby

LifeAtStart.com reporter

As time goes by, the population continues to grow. In the year 2050 the population is expected to be about 9 billion. Which means more and more of our natural resources will be scarce like land and water. So we won’t be able to eat what we want. It will be less meat and more bugs. The most commonly eaten bugs by humans are beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps and ants.

Even though bugs are creepy and disgusting they are actually really healthy for you. Insects contain high fat, protein, vitamin, fiber and mineral content that is often comparable to fish or livestock. Another good thing about insects is that they require less land and water than farmed animals and reproduce more quickly.

We have all eaten bugs or drank them whether you know it or not. If you check the FDA handbook, you can see just how many unwanted bugs you could be eating or drinking on an everyday basis especially from fast food. If you have ever cooked with curry powder you should know it can contain 100 insect fragments head, body, and legs. The list goes on and on. This is very interesting to me because I cook a lot and do not expect to be cooking with insects in the near future.

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