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Eyes wide shut

By Tatiyana Haythorne

LifeAtStart.com reporter

The night was dark with clouds filling the sky. Raindrops beating made a peaceful lullaby. Fan in the window, such a cool night. Snugged in bed, every thought from the day running through your head, until you calmly fall asleep. Dreaming of what seemed to be sweet dreams.

Suddenly your eyes flash open. Your body is still. First a beautiful tune that put you to sleep is now little drops of horror. The bolts of lightning that scars the sky rips through your window and disturbs the softness of the night. Now the sound of thunder takes the leading role in a eerie track of repetition. You try to move but your body doesn’t allow it. You are stuck in a uncomfortable position. Eyes moving rapidly around the room panicking. Trying to swing yourself onto the floor, but no matter how hard you try your body still doesn’t bulge. It feels as though there is a weight laying on your back. You lay there still thinking of your next move. Then there’s a light growl that dances around with a heartless strain. It grows deeper and longer with every breath you take. Until it sounds like it’s bursting through your ears. If you weren’t already tied down still, you would be stuck in shock. Your mind wondering what exactly is this harsh agony of a noise. Slowly you adjust your eyes to be able to see just over your shoulder. When a face peaks strongly in front of you looking into your soul with pools of blood shot eyes. Skin of gray, as if it was just dug up out of the ground. Long, dark, sharp nails quickly move across you face. The image of IT lets out a whale that bounces off the four walls. You gasp back into reality and suddenly you are able to move again. And the sharp pain that was weighing on your back is no more.

Now the sun is beautifully peaking through your window giving off such an elegant light. In a choir of perfect harmony the birds chirp. The smell of freshly picked flowers creates a wonderful aroma. A horrific dream seems to be the only explanation for the events that were taken place in the depths of the night. You get up for your every morning routine. You enter the bathroom taking a handful of water to throw across your face. Then taking a towel dabbing it dry. First starting with your forehead, next the right side of your face, and lastly the left. You then feel a shock of pain that makes your whole body cringe. You look in the mirror quickly removing the towel. There lies a mark from IT branding you face surrounded by splatters of black polish. You have experienced sleep paralysis.

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