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Severed ties

By Josie Sanchez

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Dear best friend,

or you know, I guess I no longer carry the right to call you that. It’s been two years now since you last decided that you no longer wanted to carry on our friendship. This is not a letter to wish you back into my life because I’ve made it all on my own, although sometimes I do miss you.

I do hope that you are doing okay and I wish the best for you just as I always have. I hope that you were able to finish school even though I know how much you always hated it. Hopefully you were able to move out and go back to your hometown like you couldn’t wait to do when you turned 18. I pray that you have found someone that you’re able to be comfortable with and I hope he loves you. I hope that you’ve found a new best friend.

Even though some days I’m overcome with thoughts of you when I visit certain places, I’ve learned to do things on my own. I’ve learned to be my own person and to not depend on others. Although making friends sometimes feels almost impossible, I’ve learned to pick and choose who I hang around, I guess that you contributed to that. I never will truly understand why our friendship ended but I don’t just focus on the bad ending for us, I still think of the good.

It’s crazy to me that we haven’t talked in years but I still feel the need to dial your number and call you just to tell you about all the wild things going on. Sometimes I revisit all the photos I still have saved in my camera roll and look back on those days. I have found old text between us and they just kill me inside knowing we were once that close but it will never be that way again.

No matter how things ended between the two us, I am thankful for the memories that we shared and I’m always thankful for the time that I got to call you my best friend. I hope that you were able to fill that spot that I no longer carry. I hope that your life is now everything you wished for and more. I’m sorry if this is slightly weird in anyway. Thank you for bringing me into your life for the period you did. I miss you but I hope you’re doing well.


Your ex best friend.

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