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Terrible teachers

By Marisa Garcia

LifeAtStart.com reporter

School is important and is a starting point to the rest of our lives.
Our teachers have an impact on our success. They try to teach us what they know and what is required so that we can pass and move on from their class. Some teachers just aren’t good at teaching, even if they have knowledge on the subject.

Teaching isn’t a skill that everybody posses, so shouldn’t we be able to grade our teachers on their teaching just like how they grade us on our school work? Imagine how resourceful that would be for the kids in the future if we were to do that. Some teachers lack the ability to actually teach. Shouldn’t we be able to adjust some things that could possibly better our future and the future of others?

I think the opinions of the students could be useful because, like I said previously, some teachers just can’t teach. They lack the ability to transfer their information to us and this could possibly hurt our grades if we let it. I’m not saying teachers cause failure because they don’t, you can always get help from another teacher who has knowledge on what’s being taught. It would make things easier if we didn’t have to go out of our way to do that.

In conclusion, I think the way our teachers teach has an impact on us. We shouldn’t have to struggle and teach ourselves what the teacher should be teaching us. That’s what some of us have to do, but only with some teachers. Our grades are important and we earn them; it’s not something that’s given to us, but the only way we can earn our grade is if we learn and succeed. It’s harder to do that if we aren’t being taught correctly.

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