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Check me out

By Alexis Cole

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Getting a promotion at your job is a very great opportunity to most people. Some may think that it’s nothing but for others they take pride in their advancement because of how hard they’ve worked to get there.

I am a courtesy clerk at Kroger and we do a lot to keep the front end up and running. The managers watch and see who actually do their job and they’ve been watching me more lately. A lot of cashiers and the front end supervisor love me. They’ve always talked to me about this promotion because I’m great at my job and I already know a lot about being a cashier.

The front end supervisor was asking me if I wanted to be a cashier because she’s seen how much I approved there. She and I have  been talking about it. She finally told the manager about me and she is planning to have a meeting with me towards the end of February. Hearing that from her made me so happy because that’s all I’ve been waiting for. Pretty soon I’ll be Kroger’s newest cashier.

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