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On the road to victory

By Emily Marsh
LifeAtStart.com reporter

The Lady Spartan Volleyball team is off to a strong start this season as they attempt to reach the unknown. A team consisting of six seniors, one junior, and one sophomore, the girls aim to be not only the champions of the City League, but hopefully earn the title of Division or Sectional Champions as well. They’ve been working nonstop in the off-season to perfect every aspect of the game and to grow together as a team. Countless hours in the gym and a memorable team bonding have all turned this group of teammates into a group of sisters.

The Lady Spartans currently sit with a 6-4 record, beating Ottawa Hills in three sets as well as Woodward, and falling to Whitmer after a grueling five sets. Although not the outcome they desired, it still stood as a huge statement game for everyone in the area. Abbey Swartzfager, a senior middle for the team, says that she’s confident the team can take it further than ever before because “the team as so much drive and desire this year, we want to prove ourselves. Last year we came up short when we needed it the most and none of us want to have that feeling again.” The rest of this season should be very interesting as we sit back and see just how far the girls can go.

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