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Prevent Bullying

By Katlyn Humphrey

Lifeatstart reporter

Bullying impacts many people today.According to StopBullying.gov about 24% of students in 6-12 grade experienced bullying.  All I can ask  is why is this happening in this day?

The real question is why are people bullying? A lot of people say jealousy, low-self esteem, or problems at home are reasons to bully. Are they just excuses for the attackers? We will never know what the real reasons are as to why the attackers antagonize their victims. All we can do is try to get both parties some help.

You should never bring someone down because at the end of the day you never know what people are going through. We all can do our part to prevent the victims from feeling alone, help them speak and stand up, and just listening to them. We can never fully stop bullying, but we can always try to prevent it from happening.

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