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Preventing suicide

By Trae Widmer
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Lately there has been a major increase in suicide cases and it is ridiculous. I have done some research and the average of suicide attempts per day is 123.  A lot of the cases involved bullying in person or through social media. I know people who have committed suicide because of bullying on social media and people talking about them so everyone can see.

Sadly the major increase in suicide makes sense. Think about it, now you can just talk about someone online where everyone can see. We have to watch what we say because we do not know what someone is going through mentally.

Suicide is a major issue and it is extremely important to stop someone from making the choice of attempting suicide. If you are someone who is considering suicide please tell someone, it isn’t worth it. You have to realize that you are not getting rid of all the pain and misery but are transferring it to your friends and family.

Realizing that someone may be considering self harm or worse could be seen as the following:

  • They are acting out violently at everything and anything at any given moment.
  • They are being more quiet and shy than usual.
  • They don’t seem to care about any of the stuff that they would usually care about.
  • They have mentioned or joked about suicide enough to where it could actually take place.

If you are seeking help or you do not know what to do, call 1-800-273-8255, this is a suicide hotline to call if you are thinking of suicide. You can also do an online chat if you can not speak the words that are haunting you. Please do not be afraid of getting help, it is always okay to ask for help and assistance.

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