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If you don’t snooze you lose

By Chris Click

How much sleep do we really need? Experts agree that an average adult needs about eight to nine hours of sleep every night. How much sleep do they actually get? Studies have shown that adults get about seven hours a sleep on average.

Children and teenagers need even more sleep than adults. They need about nine hours of sleep a night. On average they get about seven hours of sleep a night. There are reasons why children and adults lack sleep.

Stress is a huge reason why people tend to lose sleep every night. It can be stress from school or work but it’ll factor in people’s everyday performance and affect them negatively. Anxiety is also another big reason that some people are sleep deprived.

Losing sleep is very bad for the health mentally and physically. It can keep you from living a productive lifestyle. If you get just the right amount of sleep every night you have a greater chance of performing well in school or work and you’ll feel much better.

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