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I’m feeling fall

By Korinne Phillips

LifeatStart.com reporter

We have many different seasons to enjoy through out the year. These different seasons can give us snow, rain, and hot sun. My favorite season is the one that makes the leaves change colors. I’m talking about fall.

Fall has many different temperatures. Most of the time it’s cool and breezy. This allows me to be able to wear anything that keeps me comfortable. Some days I can wear sweat pants other days I wear hoodies.

My favorite part about this season is Halloween. I love to decorate and dress up. I also love watching scary movies of course. If the movies cant make me afraid to go to sleep, there’s no point in watching them. I enjoy taking part on passing out candy also. It gives me a ton of joy to watch how happy the kids are. It’s one night where we can dress up and be anything we want to be. If all else fails in college I can be a doctor for Halloween and just tell everyone it’s actually my occupation.

The season in general brings a lot of happiness to my life. It’s a point of time where I get very close and involved with my family, friends, and community. I am thankful for the fall and the opportunities and happiness that it brings me.

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