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Mr. Robot

Dennis Amborski III
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Mr. Robot is a show on USA about an antisocial hacker named Elliott. He works for a cyber security company called Allsafe which protects giant companies like E Corp, Elliott likes to call them Evil Corp. One day Evil Corp gets hacked and Elliot has to go into the servers to fix the hack, but instead he gets a message from the hacker group Fsociety. They ask him to join their group and he takes them up on their offer. He goes to their hideout and meets their leader, Mr. Robot. Fsociety’s goal is to destroy Evil Corp and free everyone from debt.

It’s clear that the creator of Mr. Robot was inspired by a variety of movies. Fight Club is one of its biggest inspirations, with people trying to take down big corporations. One of its symbols is V for Vendetta, for using a mask for the group’s identity. Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, said he stole from every movie and TV show he’s seen.

Mr. Robot is one of the most mind blowing TV shows ever. It has many twists, which play with the viewers’ minds. The acting is one of the best on TV, Rami Malek who plays Elliott has a wide range of acting. This is why Mr.Robot is a great show.

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