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Tony Packo’s

By Autumn Kirkham

Lifeatstart.com reporter
I work at Tony Packo’s on Secor road. We’re famous for our hot dogs and Hungarian food. I’ve been working there for about four months now. I love my job and the people I work with. They make my job less stressful and more fun. I’m always laughing and having a good day at work.

The customers are usually nice but there is always days where customers are rude. I have weekly customers who come in and know me right away. I always greet them and take their order and make sure each experience is better then the last.

My favorite position to work would be front line. Front line consists of taking care of customers who are dining in. They come to the counter where all our food is and give me their order. As I make it, I interact with them and ask them what their side is if they have a certain special or combo that included a side or whatever else, along with asking them how their day is. I always up-sell because that’s apart of my job requirement, is to make the customers feel like we’re trying to make it a good experience for them. When I up-sell I’m always asking if they would like to add a dog or a side for $1.99 or add cheese to the dog because cheese is 59 cents extra. My job is pretty pricey but if you like hot dogs and Hungarian food, the price is always worth it.

I also get really good hours and good pay. All my managers are nice and considerate when it comes to time off work as well. We’re allowed to request time off work as much as we want as long as it’s a week or two in advance and it’s for a logical reason. I love my job and plan to stay there until I graduate.

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