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Remember the Spartans

By Isaac Momenee
LifeatStart.com reporter

My senior year football season so far has been very good. Our football team had a very rough start we went 1-3 to start off the season but we quickly turned it around when we started playing city teams.

Our football team was very underrated going into the city league and the Waite Indians were projected to beat us but we blew them out 25-10. The next week we went on to beat the Scott Bulldogs 7-0, the week after that we beat the Bowsher Rebels 17-0. Last week we beat the Rogers Rams 31-13, it was a closer game then we intended but we are just glad that we won.

Ever since our senior class was freshmen we’ve been city champs and we have been 20-0 in the city league. We are going on to win our 4th city championship our last game is vs Woodward this Thursday and it is a very bitter sweet feeling. Make sure you are at our game at Start at 7pm!

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