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What’s that in the pool?

By Skylar Martinez
Lifeatstart.com reporter

Over the summer you might have visited a water park or pool near you, in which most families do to enjoy the warm weather. Although when relaxing or enjoying your time pool side you don’t think of the bacteria lingering in the water or in the chairs your reclining in.

Chlorine kills 98 percent of germs , but can’t kill all types of bacteria, two parasites found in public water which are Cryptosporidium and Giardia. These are typically found in contaminated water from exposure of feces. These parasites effect your small intestine.

In 2008 scientists looked at nearly 160 public pools and found one in 12 pools contained at-least one parasite. It’s suggested that while your swimming avoid getting water in your mouth or swallowing any, protect your eyes with tight goggles to reduce risk of eye infection, avoid swimming at all cost if you have diarrhea, check children diapers, and shower before and after swimming.

This shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your time along side the pool or keep you distanced from it, but instead take precautions to avoid getting sick or risking other people from getting sick.

The information was found in Rapid City Journal https://rapidcityjournal.com/…pools/article_5b78e83a-75ad-11df-b7d4-001cc4c0328…


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