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Moving on

By Leah Collins

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

High school is about the memories you make and the people you share them with. Try to make it the best years so that way you’ll leave with great memories.

My freshman year to now I’ve become friends with some awesome people. I’ve had people leave me because they moved to a different school or just because they didn’t want to be friends with me. I’m not gonna let people who don’t like me stop me from enjoying my high school years I’ve tried so hard to enjoy.

I’ve joined after school activities, gone on field trips, and did things that are challenging. The biggest challenge I’ve faced was joining orchestra because of my stage fright. Now that my high school years are coming to an end, I want to do as many things as possible so I have no regrets. Leaving for college is the hard part because when you leave you’ll be saying goodbye to all of the people that made high school special.

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