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Sing your heart out

By Lexionna Packer
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Singing is my passion. My mom and grandmother taught me most of the things I know, as far as controlling my voice and making a song my own.My first time singing in front of a crowd was at church when I was six, from there I continued to sing at church and school events.

When I got to 5th grade I started getting bullied and stopped singing and even talking in front of people because I didn’t want any of the attention on me. I became very shy and anxious about everything.

When I got to high school my mom insisted I put choir on my schedule and that’s when I met Mr. George Preston Wilson, from then he has become a huge part of my life and helped break me out of my shell it took a while but we did it.

My sophomore year he convinced me to do a solo and made the concert on my birthday which is why it’s such a day to remember I remember being on stage shaking and breathing heavy when I began to sing ” I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston and everyone got silent until the end of the song then screams were all I heard there were even people crying that was so amazing to see my voice had that effect on people. From then I knew this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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