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Oscars Trash

By Dennis Amborski III
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Recently The Academy has released the nominations for most of their awards. I’m usually a fan of The Oscars because it shows all the great talent that’s mostly overlooked by the mainstream movie-goers. This year I have a problem with their nominations for Best Picture and Best Documentary.

The reason why I have a problem with the nominations for Best Documentary is because they left out one of the greatest documentaries that came out last year “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” directed by Morgan Neville. This movie has such a big emotional impact that not nominating it would be blasphemous. If you want to watch it on HBO. But now my real gripe this years Academy Award Show.

Best Picture should be about who is the best of the best, no matter how much the movie cost to make, how much money it made and, not how popular the movie was to the mainstream. This years nominations just slapped that model in the face. With nominations like Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody which are only there because of their popularity. With Bohemian Rhapsody’s poor editing and Black Panther’s horrendous CGI, The Academy should be disappointed on what they put the standards for the best to be.

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