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One night only

By Mia Richardson
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Prom is a formal dance for high-schoolers all across America for many years. It seems to change every time; the dresses, the music, dances and the people.

Prom is a time where you should be happy, spend time with your friends and make memories, and just for that I believe that it is worth it. It’s not all about the dresses or after parties that go along with it. All the stress of finding a dress and a date is necessary because I’m sure you won’t have a time like that in life ever again, and you only go through high school one time so why not?

Start’s prom will be on May 3rd of 2019 and I’ll enjoy every minute of it because high school goes by quickly and you should want to make as many memories as you can before you walk across that stage.


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