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Baseball blues

By Chris Click
Lifeatstart.com reporter

I’ve been playing baseball my whole life. It’s always been my strongest sport, and I’ve been playing it since I could walk. I’ve put in so many hours of practice just so I could be prepared to play in high school. My plan was to play in high school then play in college, but over the past few years those plans have changed.

I got cut from the team my freshman year and I haven’t played since. The coaches believed I wasn’t “good enough”,but my friends and family didn’t believe that was the case. Everyone expected me to play all four years of high school, but that didn’t happen.

High school sports are very political. It’s not always about how good you are, it’s about the coaches choosing their favorites rather than choosing who’s best for the team. I felt like I was completely screwed over and everyone else feels the same way. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

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