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My hardest year yet

By Nyk Miller
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Ever since I came to Start I’ve been determined to get good grades and stay at my best. Sophomore year I got myself back on track, and junior year was by far my best for grades.

However, my senior year has been difficult. During the summer before my senior year started, I got a job at Get Air. I knew balancing work and school would be difficult, but I completely underestimated what I could handle.

Working 30 hours a week, and having three art classes and projects constantly due, I found myself stuck in an area I didn’t want to be stuck in, and from having so much to do, I’ve become lazy. I know that a lazy behavior is one to work on and not just accept, but I’ve found it difficult when I just want to catch up on sleep to get energy to do what I have to get done.

Working until midnight when I have assignments due at midnight, and then working the next morning, I find myself having very little time to get anything done. Not only for school, but for myself. I have had very little time to do anything I enjoy and just become greatly stressed.

I understand that this is just a normal part of life, but until I find a way to get used to it, I can say that it is greatly difficult. I’ve always been about being strong, but lately I’ve been falling behind on all of my school work and too stressed out to work properly, and I feel very ashamed of it all. I can’t wait until I find a way to balance it all and feel like myself again.

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