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Comatose prologue

By Camay Hall
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Nathaniel couldn’t take it anymore. He was suffering and drowning in what we can only assume was pain. He was done, tired, and exhausted. The only thing that understood him was the bottle of Bourbon sitting in between his thighs and the scattered pills across the dashboard.

Because of the puffiness in his face, you could barely recognize him. The red nose, chapped lips that lost their pinkish color, redness in and around his eyes. Even his skin once golden tan, now pale as snow and his hair once quiff with a bit a life, now messy and dead.

“All I can do is run…” he whispered to himself. Without hesitation, he pressed down onto the pedal and sped off into the night. Driving and driving till he couldn’t see a soul, or that is what his drunken mind thought. His eyelids grew heavy and heavy, but he was determined to leave the city he grew up in, where all his mistakes and pain reside. It wasn’t because of him, he had no control over the situation, but the one he loved most had to pay the price.

If you are wondering how he got to this moment, it took his corrupted family, and a girl he fell madly in love with who died in his arms to break him mentally.

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