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Great end to my senior year

Dear Sixth Hour Family,
It’s been an amazing journey. The hardest thing about leaving is knowing I will never find another class like this. I’ll never find a class with so many amazing moments. No class will ever be as funny, as inspiring, and as mood lifting as this one.
This class will never understand how much it has meant to me, how much it has helped me. I know when I look back to high school this is a time I will never forget. For all of the bad days, this class offered a smile. For all the good days, this class made them even better.
I may not be extremely sad about leaving high school, But I will be sad about leaving this family behind. I’ve had a lot of incredible teachers, but only a few have actually inspired me to come back to visit, Mrs Mandley being one of them.
I wish I could say more but, it’s more of a feeling. I wish all of you the best of luck after this, especially the seniors, and lucky to the ones who have Journalism II next year. I’ve really appreciated you all, and I have to say, it’s a damn good end to my high school career.
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