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Put down the phone, pick up a book

By Tai’Yaunna Burress
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Reading. Lately, it’s been underestimated quite a bit. It’s seen as boring, useless, and a thing for nerds and people who “have no friends.” But, reading is so much more than that. It brings out a type of imagination that a person could have been hiding for years or didn’t even know about. Reading brings inspiration, for example, to paint or draw pictures of what the characters would look like, or the setting the story takes place in. Inspiration to review books through different types of media can tell people how you feel about a character, how much the plot meant to you, and so much more. In my case, reading could also give you the inspiration to write a book of your very own. Books also create an escape for its reader from everyday life. The day not going too well? Read a book. Nothing good on Hulu or Netflix? Read a book. Bored at home? Read. A. Book. Books are practically entertainment on paper.

Another amazing thing about reading is that it contributes to everyday learning. There are plenty of types of educational books. Textbooks being the main one (they may not count for some people, but still.) Others include books about different cultures around the world, taking care of children and animals, learning how to prepare for the future, and so much more. In general, they teach us new words to expand our vocabulary as well. So, if you think about it, books are quite useful for everyday life, you just have to know how to utilize them.

The most interesting thing about reading would have to be the different genres: historical fiction, non-fiction, crime fiction, creative non-fiction, fairy tales, graphic novels, coming-of-age fiction, fan-fiction (which is my favorite genre), short stories, biographies, thrillers, and many more. There are lots of different genres for a wide variety of different people. They just have to put in the effort to find the right one. In the end, reading is not only good for the imagination, but it’s also fundamental.

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