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Real life twinning

By: Aryanni Harris

If you have a twin then you can most likely relate to everything I’m about to say. Life having a twin isn’t all that bad once you’re older, but when you’re young it’s like hell. Everyone thinks when you are young you’re supposed to be close, happy and sticking together. Well some twins are, but Anna and I are not. Anna and I are literally two different people, but I feel like when we do things together or dress alike we get closer. That was our problem when we were younger we didn’t do things together. For example, I liked being around my mom and my sister didn’t.

Anna has always been a people person that’s why everyone likes her more, and is considered, “the nice twin.” Everyone thinks I’m mean because I don’t hold back, well not all the time.  

When we were in middle school I got called the mean twin and Anna had all the friends. The crazy part is that I always stood by her side when we were in middle school even when I was getting bullied. She went through this phase “dressing like a boy” or I would say just wearing baggy clothes. That’s why I got called the mean twin cause I didn’t like when people talked about us or her mainly. I didn’t really care what people thought or said about me. That’s why I kept arguing with random people. The crazy thing is we share mostly everything. I really don’t mind. 

When we got to high school our lives changed so fast. Everyone already knew us at Bowsher because of who my brother is. He played football, I cheered for football and basketball, and my sister played basketball. Freshman and Sophomore year was when I started getting bullied again, and Anna wasn’t so she was ten toes behind me and this made us closer than ever.

Junior year we transferred to Start. Anna always struggled in school, but I helped her when she needed (of course) because that’s what twins are for. Senior year is here now and so far we have been getting along well. We haven’t argued in a while, but we’ll see how we end the year off because the life of a twin is rollercoaster!

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